Area Population 72,24,224

Head Quarter – Pune (as per 2001 Census)


Known as the Mecca of education in Modern India, the blooming heartland of information technology, a place identified with a revered turban, the ' Puneri Pagadi'; the district of Pune has an enviable history, a shining present and a promising future.

Situated at an altitude of 570 meters in the impregnable hills of Sahyadri, Pune, the queen of Deccan has seen poetry to philanthropy, battles to victories, and jubilation to treachery at its height.

It was from this district that Saint Dnyaneshwar recited Pasayadan for the welfare of the universe. It was here alone that Saint Tukaram demonstrated that austerity and contentment in life is so supreme that one starved to bottom would refuse all wordly pleasures though coming from Raja Shivaji. The golden era of history was witnessed by this place when the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Majaraj challenging the Mughals had not only ruled the land but hearts of the people. Then came the Peshwas who took the foreign rulers by storm and defined new boundaries of the Marhatta Empire.

Pune is known to be Karmabhoomi of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule who attacked the suppression and exploitation of women. He not only liberated them from the age old taboos but paved way for radical reforms in their life. In the struggle for freedom, Pune was a key center. Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the doyen who roared “ self rule was a fundamental right and he would get it” was born at Pune. There are countless such towering personalities who were born and brought up at Pune. In the field of arts and music or literature and knowledge, Pune has nurtured stalwarts without discrimination.

The present day Pune has everything in its fold. With a pleasant atmosphere round year and a cosmopolitan culture it is busy with a hectic life. It's social life is reflected in the Ganesh festival, the International Marathon, the Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotshav and other events held every year. Its proximity to Mumbai, the financial capital of the country has added a different glamor and texture to the place.

The district of Pune presents a promising future. The I.T. Park at Hinjewadi, the bio-technological advancement at Baramati has set new standards for the developing towns. Some of the area of the district would soon be under S.E. Z. (Special Economic Zone). That would allure talents through out the country and also overseas to Pune.

As a judicial district also, Pune has watched several famous legal battles and renowned judges. It was here that in the first landmark judgment against the royal family of Peshwas that the great impartial judge, Ramshastri Prabhune had declared death penalty. The well known 1879 case against Vasudeo Balwant Phadke, or the 1902 - 03 case against Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, was fought here. The judicial atmosphere here has seen stalwart lawyers and veteran judges. The Bar has rendered invaluable service in the field of development of law. Even today it continues with the same tradition.


Pune District Head Quarter has as on today a Court of Principal District Judge, six Courts of Additional District and Sessions Judge, 14 Ad-hoc District & ASJ, 15 Courts of Civil Judges Senior Division, one Chief Judicial Magistrate, one Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, 8 Courts of Small Causes, and 21 Courts of Civil Judges (JD) and JMFC, in its specious campus at Shivaji Nagar.

In addition, the following Courts / Tribunals are situated at Pune though in different localities. The name and number of such Courts , the Principal Judge presiding it is provided below.


Name of Court

Name of Principal Judge

Total Judges

Total File


Family Court

Shri. P.N. Karhadkar




Labour Court

Shri.V. M. Kakade




Co-Operative Court

Shri. J. S.Patil




Charity Comm.

Shri. S. Y.Padhye



Consumer Court

Smt. Sukhatme Madam



University Tribunal

Hon'ble Justice Shri. V. R. Datar




Industrial Court

Shri. S. M. Kolhe




Mah. State Co-op. Appeal Court Bench, Pune

Shri. J.S. Patil




School Tribunal

Shri. A. K.Mahadik




Debt Recovery Tribunal

Shri. S. G.Kulkarni



The principal Court building is at Shivajinagar, Pune . Besides, there are Courts at Pimpri and Akurdi as well as in the Cantonment areas of Pune and Khadki. Next to Pune is the fast growing Municipal Corporation at Pimpri – Chinchwad. There are four Courts of CJJD and JMFC and the total number of file is around 60,000. the place is connected by local train as well as city bus service from Pune.

On way to Pimpri is an important Military Cantonment Area at Khadki. There are two Courts of CJJD & JMFC there. The number of present file on the civil and criminal side pending in those Courts is around 10,000. Like Khadki, in the Cantonment area of Pune also is a Court of CJJD & JMFC. At present, around 20,000 cases are pending in that Court. The information would be incomplete without mentioning two separate Courts ; one known as Railway Court and another as PMC Court. The railway court is housed in the building near the railway station Pune and there are about 1000 cases pending in that Court. Likewise, the PMC Court is in the Municipal Corporation Building on a 10 minute walking distance from the Shivajinagar Court premises. The present pendency in that Court is around 1000.

There is a varied class of challenging litigation. There are quarter facilities to all the Judges. The total number of advocates practicing is approximately 4500.

There are Courts at ten Talukas in the district. Their number and information about availability of residential quarters, the educational and recreational facilities etc. is given below.


Bhor about 60 kms. from Pune on the Pune – Banglore National Highway road is the seat of erstwhile Princely State, ruled by Puntsachiv. It is one of the important station on the Satara - Pune road There is one Court of Civil Judge (JD) and JMFC with assigned quarter for the Judge. The pending file is approximately 4376. The number of advocates practicing is around 40. There is educational facility and a good market to meet day to day needs. The station assumes importance because of the proximity of several important forts and historical and tourist places.


Saswad is about 40 kms from Pune and situated on the bank of river Karha. It is the place where the Saint Sopandeo the youngest brother of Saint Dnyneshwar took Sanjeevan Samadhi. It is also the birth place of the doyen of journalism Pralhad Keshav alias Achharya Atre. At present, there are two Courts of Civil Judge (JD) and one Judge has an assigned residential quarter. Total number of files pending is approximately 4392. There is an English medium school. The strength of the practicing advocates is approximately 40.


Baramati is 110 kms from Pune. Baramati is the second largest judicial station in the district, known to be fast upcoming modern city. It is the birth place of the well known Marathi poet – Moropant. There is an imposing new Court building. There are Courts of one Additional District and Sessions Judge, three Ad-hoc District & ASJ, one Court of Civil Judge Senior Division and four Courts of Civil Judge (JD) and JMFC. The approximate file is 8742. Baramati has a very good market, a good number of recreational and educational centers . The Bar has an approximate strength of 200 members.


Indapur is 135 kms. from Pune on the Solapur road. There are two Courts of Civil Judge(JD) and JMFC and assigned quarter for both in the same premises in which the court building is situated. There is educational and facility and a market to meet regular needs. The number of pending file is approximately 8,411. and the Bar comprises of around 80 members.


Daund is a major railway junction with two Courts of Civil Judge (JD)/JMFC and one Railway Court. The judges have assigned quarters for residence. There is educational and recreational facility. The pending file is approximately 9939. The number of practicing advocates is approximately 65.


It is situated at about 65 kms from Pune on the Ahemednagar road. Ghodnadi has two Courts with one assign quarter for Judicial Officer. Another one is taken on rent. The file is approximately 5171. There is educational and medical facility. The place is important because of Mahaganpati at Ranjangaon, one of the Ashtavinayaks. Besides there is a Samadhi (Tomb)of Sambhaji Maharaj, son of Shivaji Maharaj.


Known to be the birth place of Rajguru, the freedom fighter who with Bhagatsingh sacrificed his life for the national cause is about 40 kms. from Pune on Nashik road. The present day Rajguru Nagar or Khed has two Courts of Civil Judge (JD) and JMFC. There is one assigned quarter for the Principal Judge and the other officer stays in a rented block. The Approximate number of pending files as on today is 5784 . The total number of advocates practicing is around 70.


Ghodegaon is 78 kms on the Pune – Nasik road. Ghodegaon is important mainly because of its proximity to Bhimashankar one of the 12 Jyotirlings (Mahadev temple), mythologically important to Hindus. It is a small place with one Court of civil Judge (JD) and the officer has to stay in the rented premises. There is educational facility up to graduation. The approximate file is 3633 and the number of local advocates is around half a dozen. Most of the advocates practicing there are from Manchar in Ahemdnagar District.


Junnar, 96 kms. from Pune has Shivneri Fort, the birth place of Shivaji Maharaj at a stone's throw from the Court building. With 5 dams the atmosphere at Junnar is refreshing and pure.

There are two Courts of Civil Judge(JD) and JMFC at Junnar. There is one assigned residential quarter and the second officer lives in a rented block. The approximate number of pending file in both the Courts is 6122. There is a good market and recreation facility. One of the Ashtavinayaks at Lenyadri is 4 kms and Ozar is 12 kms from Junnar . The number of the practicing advocates is around 80.


Vadgaon - Maval is 45 kms on the Pune – Mumbai road. It is an important place because of its proximity to the famous hill station of Lonavala a popular spot for weekend. The world famous Karla Caves, Bhaje Caves and Forts are located within its jurisdiction. There are three Courts with over 16723 cases pending. The principal judge has assigned Court quarter and the other officer has to stay in the rented premises. There are approximately 50 advocates practicing there.